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Our Company Profile aims to give you a brief insight into our experience, key personnel and company culture.

Born to serve the client’s needs

Chairman’s Message

ATTC is a journey that began with a dream and withstood the challenge of time. In line with its Vision, ATTC has evolved as a people centric organization led by a competent team of professionals giving us width, proficiency and capability to succeed. The Group has embraced world-class technology and processes, implementing them at all levels, in every unit and across all parameters.

ATTC core values i.e. customer focus, meeting commitments, simplicity, teamwork and trust amongst people are engrained in each of the employees; this is what forms the edifice of ATTC and drives us to excel.

Our dedication to quality & cost competitiveness has led us to several milestones and has invited accolades and prestigious certifications both from global institutions and esteemed customers. It has helped us earn their unflinching support over the years. At ATTC, we believe that Change is Constant - the philosophy embodied is one of continuous improvement.

Our core values have not only shaped our destiny, but also have reposed our customers trust on us. We are not just creating the world's best products; we are creating relationships with the customers that are everlasting.

Since 2013


ATTC was founded with a vision to share in the vastly growing services industry operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and be one of the leading service providers of Saudi Arabia.

ATTC operates in the field of Construction, Heavy & Light Equipment rental, Supply of Porta cabins with maintenance, Office Furniture, supply of manpower, Trading etc...

ATTC staff expertise varies in all fields required with blend of experiences and cultures which forms homogeneous work teams to deliver the requirements according to the best safety and quality standards.

ATTC with the objective of establishing a sustainable and continually Improving Company which is able to provide predictable and quality services to our clients while concurrently fostering lasting relationships with professionals, local councils, government bodies, trade contractors and suppliers.

ATTC is born to serve the client’s needs in the best and efficient way and translate its vision to reality in the market.